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Skill.   Savvy.    Muscle.    Melody.


May 8, 2023
Upcoming Massey Hall shows with Classic Albums Live: May 12, Synchronicity (The Police).  June 9, Purple Rain (Prince).
Hope to see you there!
Competing at Canadian Nationals in pole sport, 2 days after Purple Rain -- no partying for me after the show, unless you count a 9am training session as a party.


Buy The Album: In My Coma, Next Life


VIDEO du jour: Throwback!

Linz in her first video with her first band, as a kid.  Stutter's synth pop tune 'Twenty-One'.
Sep. 24, 2020

Hope you tuned in last night to see me playing guitar on the 2020 Canadian Country Music Awards!  Some banjo too for this banjo bish.
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